“Practice medicine, for me, begins with a focus on the human and empathy. After 30 years spent at the University Hospital of Nice to take care of patients with diseases or trauma of the face and neck, I had to deal with difficult cases. It was necessary to repair or restore the function then the natural and finally, estheticism. It allowed me to know faces of any ethnic group from any continent. After this training and experience, I’m happy to begin a new carrer at Geneva”

Face and Neck surgery diploma (French National Medical Council).
Qualified in ENT surgery (Switzerland).
Exclusive practice in face and neck medical and surgical treatments.
Expert trainer in surgical anatomy and in botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid injection methods.

  • Member of the French Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery (SOFCPRE)
  • Member of the “European Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery” (EAFPRS)
  • Member of the “American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery” (AAFPRS)
  • Member of the “American Society of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeons” (ASAPS)
  • Member of the “International Society of Plastic Surgeons” (ISAPS)

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Diploma of “Interne des hôpitaux” (1984)
Diploma of “Chef de clinique des universités” (1989)
Specialized in face and neck surgery since 1991
Consultant at Nice University Hospital (2003)


Dr. Hervé Raspaldo was born in Monaco. He is a surgeon specialized in the face and neck plastic surgery.

His previous “CANNES CLINIC” practice welcomes patients from all over the world. He works on complex cases, rhinoplasty, advanced endoscopic facelifts, eyelid surgery and improved 3D rejuvenation techniques with injectables. He was also a consultant at the University Hospital in Nice for facial reconstruction surgery.

The medical research center of Dr Raspaldo is approved by the FDA for scientific publications and is responsible of a large number of scientific articles, medical manuals and DVD on botulinum toxin, injections, endoscopic facelifts and rhinoplasty.

As a skilled opinion leader, Dr. Raspaldo has directly contributed to the official launches of botulinum toxin, Hyaluronic Acid and other volumizing products.

As a regular speaker at major international conferences, Dr. Raspaldo is an acknowledged leader in the art of cosmetic medicine and surgery. Over the last 30 years, he has trained more than 30,000 medical practitioners and cosmetic surgeons all over the world and he offers the possibility of a private training program in his FACE CLINIC GENEVE – a 3D facial rejuvenation masterclass teaching the innovative concept of “Facesculpture®”.

Training Activities:
Training seminars, congress and conference organization since 1990:
Face and neck anatomy
Facial rejuvenation
Post cancer, malformation or post traumatic facial reconstruction
Consultant and expert trainer in pharmaceutical laboratories (Europe, USA)
Creator of a new range of surgical instruments for endoscopic lift

2008 – Medimond SRL : “La nouvelle ère du rajeunissement 3D du visage par l’utilisation de produits injectables”
H. Raspaldo – New Era of Facial-3D Rejuvenation using Injectable Products and how to measure the results Heart of Face® – European Annual Congress of Facial Plastic Surgery ; 24-28 September 2008 – Monduzzi Editore (Italie) 2009.
H. Raspaldo et al. The VOLUMA™ Consensus manuscript: Consensus Recommendations for the Use of Juvéderm™ VOLUMA™: A Smooth, Highly Cohesive, Volumizing Hyaluronic Acid gel, – Aesthetic Plastic Surgery journal 2010.
H. Raspaldo, Ph. Levy, K. DeBoulle – Longevity of a New HA Containing Lidocaine vs a Standard HA in NasoLabial Folds. J Cosmet Dermathology 2010
H. Raspaldo – Volumising effect of a new hyaluronic acid sub-dermal facial filler: a retrospective analysis based on 102 cases. J Cosmet Laser Ther. 2008; 10(3):134-142.
2010 – Wiley Periodicals, Inc. – Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology : “Durée des effets de l’acide hyaluronique adjoint de lidocaïne en tant que produit de comblement”
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2011 – Wiley Periodicals, Inc. – Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology : “Consensus d’utilisation des injections de botulinum toxin (ou toxine botulique) dans le bas du visage et le cou”
2011 – the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, Inc. Published by Wiley Periodicals, Inc. : “Rajeunissement de la zone temporale avec des produits de comblements : une approche Facesculpture globale”
2011 – Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy : “Comment obtenir une synergie entre les produits volumateurs et les produits de comblements pour le rajeunissement global du visage”
2012 – Wiley Periodicals, Inc – Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology : “Approche globale pour un rajeunissement naturel : recommandations pour la restauration des volumes et de la zone périoculaire”
2015 –  Published by Wolters Kluwer Health, Inc. on behalf of The American Society of Plastic Surgeons : “L’embellissement de la zone péri-orale et des lèvres grâce à l’Acide Hyaluronique Juvéderm Volbella”
2016 – PRS Global Open : « Eiffel Tower Nose Lift : Anatomical Basis and Concepts for Safe and Effective Nasal Injections »

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