Dr Raspaldo

Reshaping cheekbones and hollow cheeks with hyaluronic acid injections

When we are young, our cheekbones have a smooth shape and perfect elasticity.

The cheekbones are supported by a fat tissu layer, which is thicker than in any other face area. But this fat tissue is not fixed and therefore it can change its aspect.

The cheekbones can collapse progressively, due to the fat loss or the tissue loosening.

That is when the nasolabial folds can become noticeable, giving the face an aged and severe appearance.

We will therefore volumize the cheekbones and restore the face contour using fillers : hyaluronic acid injections in the cheekbones.

In case of very hollow cheekbones, this procedure can also be used to reconstruct the entire cheek, resulting in an overall reshaped face.

The purpose here is to restructure and redefine the face oval in a natural way.


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