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Placement of earfold clips for protruding ears

The placement of EarFold clips is a revolutionary alternative for protruding or asymmetric ears
This technic allows to reshape the ear’s cartilage the way we want to.

These implants are like small clips 155mm large and 1mm thick.

They are made out of a nickel and titanium alloy, known as Nitinol, that does not cause any rejection or allergy. The Nitinol possesses two specific properties: shape memory and a great suppleness that enable the ear to get back to its natural shape, even after touching or bending the ear. Finally, the Earfold clips are plated with 24 karat gold to make them smooth and virtually invisible under the skin.

The Earfold clips are placed under the skin with a very discreet incision (performed under local anesthesia) in the area of the pinna. You need to know that 60% of the people need 2 implants for each ear: one placed in the upper part of the ear and the other one in the lower part.

The benefits to use EarFold clips are numerous:
– no hospitalization or general anesthesia required
– the result is immédiate,
– we can return to his daily business without constraints (no recovery or compression bandage)

How do we proceed?

1. The patient makes an appointment at my clinic.
2. During the consultation, we set the result wanted, together and thanks to the PreFold pre-clips. Then, I take a 3D photo and build a simulation; afterwards, I take a 2D photo of the marking of the implants’ mark that I save on my smartphone and in the medical file of the patient, in order to use it during the surgical act.
3. After a local anesthesia, I make a small incision (from 5 to 10 mm) to place the Earfold clip deeply under the skin, in contact with the cartilage to be bent. The operation finishes with stitches.
4. Simple Band-Aid (without support bandage, most of the time).

More information on the EarFold clips here

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