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Reduce dark circles under the eyes

Dark circles can be caused by aging, fatigue, an unhealthy lifestyle or simply by genetic factors.

Dark circles tend to make your face appear tired and aged, especially as they can widen and develop various colors.

There are several types of dark circles :

– Black, purplish, gray or brown colored rings, which are due to poor blood circulation revealing pigmented blood vessels.

– Hollow rings, caused by a saggy or loose skin, or by the the loss of fat under the eye.

Furthermore, different other skin alterations can tarnish the look of your eyes, like bags under the eyes, or wrinkles and fine lines.

But today, several non intrusive procedures can help fighting the dark circles under the eyes and give your eyes a brighter, more youthful look :

– Hyaluronic acid fillers, which will reshape the under-eye circles and the hollow areas.
– Peeling, which will allow your skin to renew itself, thus creating a rejuvenated appearance.

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