3D morphing

Morphing in plastic surgery

3D morphing in plastic surgery in Geneva

In plastic surgery, the surgeon must meet the expectations of patients. It is essential.

One of the solutions is to respect this priority point: plastic surgery morphing, 3D morphing or even 3D morph (face morphing). This process consists of performing a 3D simulation during your consultation with your plastic surgeon. The latter will use the system and software to establish the projected result, a project combining the patient’s wishes and the technical options and possibilities of the surgeon. It is a real projection of the expected result, a fairly precise visual idea reproduced in images which is very useful especially during rhinoplasty.

This technique also allows the cosmetic surgeon and the patient:

• understand and define the patient’s expectations.
• to sometimes understand the limits of the patient’s expectations which can be in contradiction with the harmony of the face or the technical possibilities of surgery
• to agree on the common project: an achievable and harmonious result
• view all possible results
• take the time to explain certain technical aspects of the intervention and the work to be done

3D simulation in plastic surgery

simulation 3D de chirurgie esthétique

Using our “Sculptor 3D” simulation software, the patient will appreciate and visualize the results and potentials obtained directly on a 3D image. This plastic surgery simulator allows you to view the result from all angles.

The 3D simulation allows you to understandbetter the areas of the face to be corrected and to offer the ideal treatment and in harmony with your requirements and the advice and expertise of Dr Raspaldo.

The cosmetic surgery 2.0 consultation: a 3D consultation to better meet your expectations

Dr Raspaldo, plastic surgeon in Geneva, board certified for over 30 years, uses an innovative technique: 3D simulation of plastic surgery.

It is a process in 3D images which offers a real 3D aesthetic consultation, a projection of your wish in images and in 3 dimensions. This 2.0 consultation was designed to meet better your expectations, to go even further than a simple consultation even if the consultation remains essential to establish a relationship of trust with your plastic surgeon.

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Opt for a consultation with 3D morphing before intervention

Take advantage of your consultation and do not hesitate to carry out an interview about 3D morphing, consultation which is becoming increasingly essential, and this for all types of aesthetic treatments: morphing before rhinoplasty, morphing before blepharoplasty, morphing before otoplasty, morphing before bichectomy, morphing before lifting, morphing before botulinum toxin injections, morphing before hyaluronic acid injections, etc.

Plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine by Doctor Raspaldo

Discover the plastic surgery interventions offered by Doctor Hervé Raspaldo: surgical rhinoplasty to correct his nose, blepharoplasty to remove double eyelids, facelift to tighten facial skin, lipofilling, or even genioplasty.


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