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botulinum toxin for excessive sweating

Sweating can make everyone uncomfortable. Nothing is more unpleasant than having halos under the arms during a meeting because of the stress or the high temperatures.

But sometimes sweat doesn’t occur because of the heat, but because you suffer from excessive sweating, which is a consequence of the glands overactivity.

Excessive sweating can also be an embarrassment because of the smell.

Did you know that you can dramatically reduce perspiration with a simple and natural procedure using botulinum toxin ?

botulinum toxin naturally reduces perspiration.

botulinum toxin is known for its wrinkle reducing action, but less known for its anti-perspiration effects.

When used for wrinkles, botulinum toxin injections act on the neurotransmitter that carries the contraction information to the muscle. botulinum toxin will thus inhibit the contraction. The same thing happens with the neurotransmitter responsible for sending perspiration information to the glands : the botulinum toxin injections will inhibit the sweat secretion.

Some people use botulinum toxin injections to reduce sweating during the summer heat, and feel more comfortable wearing their favorite summer outfits.

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