The Concept

Chic Lift®

CHIC LIFT®, a concept of rejuvenation and beautification of the eyes by injections.

More and more people are looking to rejuvenate their look.
By creating the concept of Chic Lift®, we wanted to provide a detailed approach to the restoration of volumes of the midface and the rejuvenation of the eye area.

By combining treatments of injectable products (hyaluronic acid, botulinum toxin and volumizing products), we will undeniably beautify and rejuvenate the eyes.

The beauty of a face is defined by a subtle play of shadows and lights around points of specific hooks. We notice that the most beautiful faces are characterized by a shape of “C” around the eyes.
This passage without notch, or unsightly shadow between forehead and cheekbones form an elegant “C” found in all faces young and attractive. Recreating this smooth transition with injectables is our goal.

copyright Gary Burget

The key points that characterize the Chic Lift® for the upper part of the look:
– convex eyebrows
– A beautiful reflection of the light
– A shadow on upper eyelid
– To obtain 3 parallel curves

copyright D. Raspaldo

The key points that characterize the Chic Lift® for the lower part of the look are:
– An “oblique” eye or “crow’s eye”
– A smaller lower eyelid
– A smooth transition between the lower eyelid and the cheekbone
– A beautiful reflection of the light on the malar area

The harmonious curve in the shape of “C” sign the transition, soft and young, from the temples to the cheekbones. Indeed, since we perfectly correct the hollows under the eyes and cheekbones, the pretty malar curvature is not in adequation with the shadow fronto-temporal concavities and flats of the eyebrow. Hence the interest of recreating this convexity from temples to eyebrows, forming this famous “C” around the eye.


Video of the low part of the Chic Lift (dark circles and midface)

Video of the upper par of the Chic Lift (temples, eyebrows, forehead)

Video of a whole Chic Lift to rejuvenate the look

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