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The Lip Lift, or upper lip lift in Geneva and Switzerland

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Whether it’s the natural shape of your mouth, or a consequence of aging, the “white lip” (the area between the nose and the upper lip) is sometimes too prominent compared to the “red lip” (vermilion). With time, this area tends to elongate, due to the loss of tissue elasticity. The upper lip appears too thin, or even cover the teeth when smiling, giving your face a sad look. But there is efficient solution if you want to restore the volume of the upper lip: the lip lift.

The upper lip lift for a beautifully contoured mouth

Lip surgery is increasingly used to raise the upper lip (red lip) and create the effect of an  increased volume. The lifting of the upper lip aims to reshape its contour, helping the top lip to roll outward more. This increases the amount of vermillion lip showing. The result is a beautiful cupid’s bow, nicely contoured and full, and the appearance of a heart-shaped mouth.

The lip lift rejuvenates the smile, giving your mouth a more dynamic and attractive appearance.

Lip lift : the procedure

The procedure consists in reducing the length of the white lip, which will consequently raise the red lip. A small, butterfly-shaped incision is made under the nostrils, under local anesthesia. The incision is virtually invisible, and progressively, the scar disappears completely.

The lip lift is a cosmetic surgery procedure causing little or no pain. The final results are visible after 3 to 6 months.

The upper lip lift will result in a beautifully curved lip, a nice volume and shape, and a shortened white lip, which is a sign of youth.

Anticipating the result of an upper lip lift during a 3D consultation

During your initial consultation, we will use the 3D morphing technique, which provides a complete, three-dimensional analysis of your face. We will be able to visualize what needs to be done and simulate the result. It gives you the opportunity to anticipate the future aspect of your upper lip after the lip lift.

If you also want to reduce lip wrinkles, the lip lift can be teamed with hyaluronic acid injections. The whole appearance of your smile will be improved.

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