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botulinum toxin cosmetic for lips and perioral area

You might be uncomfortable with different aspects of your lips, but these can all be corrected.

Firstly, you might find your lips too thin, and be frustrated with the lacking volume.

Lips volume can easily be enhanced and the contour reshaped using hyaluronic acid injections. The procedure will redefine the lip boarders, enhance the lip fullness and restore their volume. The hyaluronic acid can even be used to slightly lift the mouth corners up.

Secondly, you might be unhappy with the lines around your mouth, or even the upper lip wrinkles (the so called ”barcode” lines).

These ”dynamic” wrinkles can all be treated with botulinum toxin injections in the orbicular muscle, which is responsible for their development.

But the lips are not the only element pointing out the aging lower face.

The perioral area, such as the dewlap, the chin and the neck are also affected by sagging skin.

We can even restore chin volume if your chin is too small, using hyaluronic acid fillers.

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