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illustration d'injections de botox avant après

« The wrinkles around my eyes and on my forehead appeared a relatively young age, when I was in my thirties. They bothered me obviously, but as I thought they were inevitable, I didn’t even try looking for solutions. One day, I came across an article published by Dr. Raspaldo about botulinum toxin injections. He explained in his paper that the result was very natural. I made an appointment with him, as I wanted to know what the procedure would exactly consist of, its cost, its duration, whether it would be painful or not, etc. I felt really confident after the visit and I decided to try the procedure. In the end, I absolutely do not regret it, quite the contrary. I feel like I am 10 years younger. The Botox injections have really erased my crow’s feet and forehead and I am so much happy about it! »

Nathalie, 35 years old

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chirurgie naturelle du nez par injections

« My nose has always been a great source of complex. I have always dreamt of a nice straight nose and I couldn’t help myself focusing on the bump on it. Nevertheless, I didn’t want to have plastic surgery. One day, I came across a video showing how injections in the nose can correct imperfections without surgery, and with a natural result. I have contacted Dr. Raspaldo who proposes this medical rhinoplasty technique. He explained to me the procedure in a detailed fashion and managed to correct the imperfections of my nose with just hyaluronic acid injections. The result is absolutely bluffing and it lasts almost 1 year and a half. Very nice, isn’t it? »

Estelle, 25 years old

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donner du volume aux lèvres injections

« Each time someone asked me which part of my face I wanted to improve, ‘my lips’ was systematically the answer. Indeed, I have always found them too thin, without any volume. A friend of mine once told me about Dr. Raspaldo and how hyaluronic acid injections could improve the look of my lips. I have made an appointment with Dr. Raspaldo to get his opinion. In only one session of injections, my lips were reshaped, with a very natural volume effect. I would never have thought that I could get such a nice result. A big thank you to you Dr. Raspaldo! »

Caroline, 36 years old

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témoignage monique après lifting du visage

« I have hesitated a long time before considering plastic surgery as a solution to ‘stretch’ the skin of my face. With the years, I saw my face sag, with more and more wrinkles appearing. Even though I had a hard time living with it, a facelift seemed a little too scary to me, as I considered it as a heavy surgical procedure. Moreover, I wanted to avoid a too ‘tense’ effect. During an appointment with Dr. Raspaldo, he explained to me that an endoscopic facelift would be the ideal solution in my case, since my skin was not too distended. I trusted him and I do not regret it. This procedure is lighter than a classic surgical facelift and the result is really awesome. The endoscopic facelift didn’t alter the expressions of my face and I now see a better version myself in the mirror. »

Monique, 55 years old

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lifting du visage chez l'homme

« When it comes to plastic surgery, It’s not always easy to take the step. Though, as I had been considering the option of a facelift for quite a while, I finally decided to jump in. The sagging skin of my face was problematic, and the neck zone even more. In other words, I could not stand it anymore. Dr. Raspaldo has performed a face and neck lift and his whole team has revealed perfectly great from beginning to end. I am very satisfied with the result. I feel confident again in society, at work and with my family, which is the most important. »

Marc, 48 years old

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témoignage madeleine traitement double menton

« After my two pregnancies two years ago, I had a really hard time losing weight. Even today, I haven’t regained my initial weight. I found my double chin particularly complexing: impossible to get rid of it and very unsightly at the same time. I therefore considered the different solutions offered by plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine. Liposuction is very often proposed for treating the neck zone, but I had heard about a brand new technique which sounded very promising to me: the injections of Belkyra®. As the product was not yet available in Switzerland, I got the injections done in Italy by a colleague of Dr. Raspaldo – who had initially recommended the treatment to me. Belkyra® destroys fat cells without any surgery. Today, I have lost my double chin and I have much more self-confidence. »

Madeleine, 38 years old

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