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Raise eyebrows thanks to injections

Eyebrow surgery: injections of hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin to raise the eyebrows

The eyebrows are an important element guaranteeing the harmony of the face. A high, fleshy, convex and well-drawn eyebrow illuminates the whole face and gives it a harmonious balance. Much easier to wear makeup! Over time, you can see the lowering of the eyebrow, the tail of the eyebrow that will fall, or even the loss of its curve. Too low eyebrows will give a dark look to the face, slightly shapely eyebrows will age the look, and a drooping tip will give a sad and tired look.

 This is why naturally correcting the eyebrowscan make you look younger and more sparkling.

We are going to inject botulinum toxininto the muscle around the eyes, into the orbicularis muscle, responsible for the lowering of the eyebrow, in order to correct eyebrows that are too low. You can also inject hyaluronic acid into the tail of the eyebrow to level and lift it up.

We thus find well-drawn eyebrows and a harmonious curve.

Eyebrow injections to rejuvenate the eyes and erase wrinkles around the eyes in Geneva, Switzerland

This objective of harmonious curve takes up the principle of the Chic Lift®, by smoothing the passage from the temple to the cheekbones without notch or unsightly shadow, which then forms an elegant “C” around the eye and beautifies the look. The injections in the eyebrows will therefore make it possible to raise the eyebrows and raise an excessively drooping point, but also to rejuvenate the look. The eye appears more open, the look is brighter, and the wrinkles around the eyes are reduced

Watch a video of a Chic Lift® with hyaluronic acid injections in the temples and eyebrows

Do not hesitate to come and consult us at our Geneva surgery and see the result in 3 dimensions that you can aspire for.

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