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Plastic surgery in Geneva

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Plastic surgery in Geneva in Switzerland

Doctor Raspaldo performs several cosmetic surgery procedures in Geneva, Switzerland: nose or rhinoplasty surgery, face and neck lift, blepharoplasty, otoplasty, lip lift, bichectomy, liposuction, chin surgery, cheekbone surgery, etc. treatment performed at the aesthetic Face Clinic Geneva.

This site will enable you to find clear, precise and detailed information, allowing any patient to consider carrying out a consultation for plastic surgery in Geneva first. This first consultation essential for the success of a cosmetic surgery intervention, the Doctor will assess the relevance of the intervention, the choice of the proposed technique and above all, he will establish a relationship of trust, necessary for the proper conduct of the various offered treatments:

Plastic and reconstructive surgery in Switzerland

Plastic and reconstructive surgery is a specialty dedicated to the treatment of aesthetic problems. It will provide each patient with the most effective and efficient technical solution. Whether it derives from an illness, a change in weight, a congenital malformation, an accident or an aging process, before any operation, the cosmetic surgeon will study the subject concerned and provide the right indication, the right intervention to be carried out, the right information, and the right operation taking into account security conditions, and will ensure post-operative monitoring.


Doctor Hervé Raspaldo, medicine and plastic surgery in Geneva

Doctor Raspaldo, qualified in medicine and plasticsurgery of the face and neck since 1991, practices different treatments of aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery.

In addition to the surgical operations of the nose, the eyelids or the ears, this surgeon practitioner also masters the gestures of aesthetic medicine. Discover these specialties:

Doctor Raspaldo’s commitment is to support any patient in the stages following the first consultation: from the first appointment to the phases following the intervention.

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