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Restorative and reconstructive surgery

Restorative and reconstructive surgery:

Plastic surgery through functional or aesthetic reconstruction is support and help in a quest for well-being.

chirurgie réparatrice et reconstructrice

Restorative and reconstructive surgery procedures seek to restore the shape and if possible the function of damaged tissue: nose reconstruction by surgical and restorative rhinoplasty, ear reconstruction or face reconstruction due to cancer or following a trauma.

Restorative surgery techniques are also used on the whole body to close wounds. plastic surgery will then be the development of restorative surgery.

Reconstructive surgery is often also performed to improve the functional aspect of the body. Conversely, in plastic surgery, the quest for facial and body beauty is a priority.
Reconstructive surgery will aim to recover the functions of the operated party, whether in the context of an accident, illness or cancer or even in the context of a malformation.

Examples of reconstructive and restorative surgery

  • Emergency reconstruction of tissue loss due to trauma or loss of substance due to cancer or accident.
  • Delayed restorative surgery: after-effects surgery after trauma or after-effects of cancer or serious infections.
  • Reconstructive facial surgery in the context of malformations (malformation surgery), or permanent facial paralysis, etc.

Other plastic surgery procedures:

Rhinoplasty: surgical rhinoplasty, natural medical rhinoplasty by nose injections and ethnic rhinoplasty.
Face and neck lift: face and neck lift, cervicofacial lift and endoscopic lift.
Blepharoplasty: blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery.
Otoplasty: otoplasty or protruding ears.
The lip lift: lip lift or lifting of the upper lip
Bichectomy: bichectomy to reduce Bichat’s fat pads

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