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Correction of protruding ears

Protruding ears are a complex to a lot of people, and have deep impact on self-confidence. Prominent ears are the result of a cartilage malformation during primitive ear development.

But it can be easily fixed with the appropriate, effective techniques.

When it comes to protruding ears treatment, you have the choice between a minimally invasive technique and a surgical procedure. In both cases, these procedures can be performed on adults and children above the age of 7.

Earfold are implants that can be used to change the ears positioning(moving them closer to the head) or correct asymmetric ears, without heavy surgery and under local anesthesia. Using a small incision, we carefully position the implant and thus flatten the protruding ear.
The EarFold implant has many advantages :
– it doesn’t require hospitalization
– it doesn’t require general anesthesia
– the result is immediate,
– no bandages, no recovery time, you can return to your normal activities right after the procedure

How does it work ?

1. You schedule an appointment for a consultation
2. During the consultation, we use PreFold pre-clips to determine the result. We then proceed to a 3D photo session and a 3D simulation. Then comes a 2D photo session, in order to mark the exact positioning of the implants. All this information will be recorded in your medical file, which will be used during the procedure.
3. After local anesthesia, we make a small incision (5 to 10 mm) to place the Earfold implant deep under the skin, where it can touch the cartilage that needs to be bent. The procedure ends with a few stitches.
4. A simple dressing will be used to protect the area (generally, no bandages are required).

Watch a video of EarFold clip procedure

Otoplasty is a surgical procedure intended to reshape a defective or deformed ear by reconstructing the cartilage.
This technique is the only option when dealing with conchal hypertrophy (large conchal bowls).

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