Non-surgical procedures

Medical rhinoplasty “eiffel tower®”

Natural medical rhinoplasty with hyaluronic acid injections, an efficient and safe technic to re-shape the nose

Non-surgical rhinoplasty, by injections, can be very effective and simple to achieve by applying an anatomical know-how that requires precise injections and artistic principles. It is thus possible to correct a small bump on the nose, an asymmetry, or even the tip of the nose.
Dr. Raspaldo launched his new concept of medical rhinoplasty by injecting hyaluronic acid by successively recreating the different floors of the Eiffel Tower: its solid base, its majestic body and the graceful point.
For this it uses a new complete and complementary range of hyaluronic acid.

SEE video of hyaluronic acid injection in the nose
SEE video of a medical rhinoplasty to correct the nose bump

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rhinoplastie sans chirurgie naturelle hervé raspaldo chirurgien genève

Photo after volumator hyaluronic acid injections

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NOSE-LIFT® Tip injection – Monaco 2017

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