The Concept


Concept and philosophy of the course is to educate any doctor to enhance his practice with toxin and fillers (all kind of products on request), covering all kind of injection technique, and to propose a new kind of Facial rejuvenation approach with my new method: FaceSculpture®. It is based on an artistic approach for the optimal use of the top injectable products for facial wrinkles and volumes, with the best technique of injection.


Have you heard about the Facesculpture® concept?
More and more used nowadays, its goal is to rejuvenate the face, of course, but above all to embellish it, combining botulinum toxin + hyaluronic acid treatments. More than volume, it’s about shape, light, graceful shadows, the three dimensions, expression of face so that it expresses, after the injections, serenity and well-being, reflecting the beauty.
We’ll work on 7 key points: 2 points mid-facial hollows, 2 points at the junction temple-eyebrow, 2 points to cheekbones and 1 at chin.

Analysis – the Revelation 3D® concept

We begin the Facesculpture ® with an analysis of the face in 3D.
With the concept Revelation 3D ®, I can get a precise mapping of any face (Caucasian, Arabic, Asian, African…) to detect areas to be treated.

With its six camera, the device will take a series of photos in a few seconds, that will give birth to 3D reconstituted images. They will show the inequalities of the skin surface, the subcutaneous structures, and the elevations and depressions of the face. I will thus be able to identify areas that need to be corrected and to accurately assess the depth of loss of volume from the cheeks, the extent of dark circles, or a lack of nasal cartilage.
Then we’ll define together the treatment that suits.

New facial mapping – the “H lines” concept

Face Sculpture® helps on how to define areas of the face to inject.
Thanks to a new method of distribution offering to trace an “H”, with a horizontal line under the nose and two vertical lines on either side of the nose, to map the face.
It appears more logical than the eye and periocular area is then the most important entity to be treated as a priority, if you had to choose.

Peri-ocular – the Chic-Lift ®

When correcting the hollows under the eyes and cheekbones, then there is a contrast between the beautiful curved malar and shady hollows frontotemporal. It will therefore be desirable to recreate this convexity forming an elegant “C” between forehead and cheekbones, through injections, named the Chic-Lift ®.

Photo 3 – Redistribution into 6 zones using a H drawn from a horizontal under the nose (rather than the middle of the cheeks) and two verticals refocused towards the inner canthus (rather than the mid-pupillary line). Note the harmonious curve in the shape of “C” signifying the transition, soft and young, fronto-temporomandary. Indeed, since we perfectly correct the hollows under the eyes and cheekbones, the pretty curvature malaire (or medio-facial convexity) swears with the shadow fronto-temporal concavities and flats of the eyebrow. Hence the interest of recreating this fronto-temporo-saccilory convexity, forming this famous “C” around the eye.

photo 4 – 3D Vectra® photo of a 60-year-old woman: sub-palpebral digging, pre-malar fatty tissue atrophy, medio-facial and jugal sagging, furrow accentuation and soft-tissue ptosis cheeks.

Photo 5 – Before-after HA injections of a 40-year-old female: Filling and convexity sub-palpebral, temporal. Elevation of the projection points of light at the cheekbones, chin and tail of the eyebrows. A more serene face, rejuvenated and embellished, thanks to a better grip of the light, and features rested.
Note also the smooth transitions between:
– at the top: forehead, temple, eyebrow and upper eyelid
– below: lower eyelid, erased ring, roundness of the middle third

photo 6 – 3D photos before-after HA injections volumizer of a 65-year-old woman: 1.5cc of a cohesive HA and highly crosslinked, of medium particles, on the nasal spine in order to open the naso angle -labial and project the tip of the nose, with a coat of 1cc of HA to large particles to recreate a rectilinear nasal dorsum.
A clear elevation of the tip is obtained, a projection point of light, thanks to the opening of the nasolabial angle at the level of the nasal spine and the columella.

Nose / medical rhinoplasty – the Eiffel Tower Rhino-Lift®

The aim is also to work on the details that will harmoniously redraw the necessary relief. The Rhino-Lift® is based on creating a beautiful nasolabial angle, with a Cannes tip projection of the nose and a better comic nasal bridge. With the AH gel I use, we get a real support and good foundation to obtain what I call an “Eiffel Tower” nasal.
Projection points of light will completely rejuvenate your face.

NB (for those who want to attend a masterclass):
– Videos on FaceSculpture® injections are available on site at my FaceClinic to help for a better understanding and for rehearsal
– Dr Raspaldo can provide 3D photos of your case (before-after injection) if you come with your own patient
– We offer a USB key with the top 10 scientific papers published by Dr Raspaldo about toxin and fillers
– Certificate of participation + personal photo taken with Dr Raspaldo
– Let bring or send your cases to discuss personally with Dr Raspaldo for advice.


It is a unique new kind of teaching on rhinoplasty that we provide.
-Evolution on nose enhancement, based on my personal experience of 30 years of conservative rhinoplasty. There is not so many ways to learn nowadays the “closed approach” on rhinoplasty. As 90% of the teaching schools are based on “open noses” there is a huge gap on learning a beautiful, simple, elegant, advanced, effective and safe method of artistic rhinoplasty.
-Exhaustive Show case on differents aspects of primary and secondary rhinoplasties .
-short videos on conservative rhinoplasty and Nostrils plasty
-how to avoid or correct complications,
-complex cases
-Let bring your or send your cases to discuss personally with Dr Raspaldo for advice.

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