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Face Clinic Geneve

For all non-surgical treatments, you will be welcomed at our Medical Clinic :
Face Clinic Genève (at Imaderm)
Route de Florissant, 1
1206 Geneva
Appointment: +41 79 856 6636

docteur raspaldo chirurgien Genève cabinet

Docteur Hervé Raspaldo
Frédérique – Personal Assistant: +41 79 856 6636
Cosmeticians: Maryline, Fabienne, Crystelle, Véronique,

Every Monday to Wednesday from 9 am to 6 pm


Vert-Pré Clinique in Geneva


For your surgical operations, you will be welcomed at Clinique Vert-Pré in Geneva:

VERT-PRE Clinique Chirurgicale :
Chemin de la Colombe 15
1231 Conches – Genève

Genolier Clinic

We extend our consultations and surgical treatments to the Canton of Vaud. If you live in Non, Lausanne or Montreux, we will be pleased to welcome you at the clinic of Genolier. You will benefit from the best treatments and cares along with classic private bedrooms or luxury suites.

Clinic of Genolier :
Route du Muids 3
1272 Genolier – Switzerland

chambre clinique chirurgie esthétique suisse


Dr. Hervé Raspaldo and his team offer patients the best medical and administrative care to reassure and guide them throughout their journey. They undertake to provide all services concerning consultation, surgery and convalescence thanks to a qualified team. It is our duty that each patient is received at the medical office, at his best convenience, to obtain any information. Dr. Hervé Raspaldo and his team are committed to be on call for any information, especially the post-operative period as well as to facilitate logistics (reception, reservations, transfers, translation, various service …)

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