The various

Concepts of plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine

With his many years of experience working with patients from all walks of life, Doctor Raspaldo, surgeon specialist Face and Neck in Geneva, Switzerland, was able to be as close as possible to their expectations and their aesthetic needs.

Plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine are among the common demands these days. Rejuvenate your face, treat wrinkles, correct your nose, beautify your look, harmonize the shape of your face, etc.

Also, Doctor Raspaldo was able to develop different aesthetic concepts of facial beautification.

Innovative aesthetic concepts at the service of facial rejuvenation

concepts de chirurgie esthétique par le dr raspaldo

Heart Of Face® (2006) : First concept of rejuvenation emphasizing the
beauty of the heart-shaped face, taken up in Asia and by companies

FACESCULPTURE® (2012) : global anatomical and gentle remodeling of the face
in 3 dimensions.

REVELATION 3D® (2013) : morphing and treatment proposal based on
3D images and volumes to work specifically to each person

EIFFEL TOWER NOSE-LIFT® (2015) : offer a particularly efficient and natural method to reshape the nose

CHIC-LIFT® (2016) : concept of rejuvenation and embellishment of the look by injections

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