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A consultation is required before any procedure, whether it’s a cosmetic treatment (such as botulinum toxin injections), or cosmetic surgery (facelift, rhinoplasty, etc.), .

The consultation’s first aim is to allow you to meet your surgeon and establish trust. We need to understand your specific needs and expectations in order to make an apropriate treatment choice.  We will discuss together the changes you want to make. We will determine the most effective treatment according to your demands and the whole process will be explained to you. Once we determined the procedure, we will schedule an appointment.

consultation esthétique chirurgien genève

The patient-surgeon relationship

A trusting relationship with your surgeon is essential to a successful treatment, because we will be constantly working together to achieve your goals.

Analyzing your needs

You will be able to explain your expectations and your concerns: deep wrinkles, or a pointy nose tip, drooping cheekbones, etc.

Choosing a treatment

We are committed to offering you the best adapted treatment: botulinum toxin or Hyaluronic Acid injections, medical or surgical rhinoplasty, facelift, etc.

3D imaging of your face helps you visualize the desired outcome

Dr. Raspaldo, surgeon in Geneva, uses an innovative technique: the 3D face diagnosis. This is a 3D imaging technique that offers you a real 3D preview. You can visualize  your face in 3D images, which helps revealing the skin details, the subcutaneous structures, as well as volumes and hollows.

Learn more about 3D simulation

3D simulation is a complete diagnosis and analysis tool, that Dr. Raspaldo uses to determine the most appropriate aesthetic treatment for you: botulinum toxin injections into the lion’s wrinkle,  hyaluronic acid injections into the temples to reshape facial features, polylactic acid injections to restructure the face contour, natural medical rhinoplasty to correct the nose hump, etc.

A place committed to your well-being

Our goal is to make sure that every patient can come in our FaceClinic at his or her best convenience, and gets the best possible understanding  of the different treatments and their specfic benefits.

A highly qualified medical team

Dr. Hervé Raspaldo and his team provide their patients the best medical  monitoring in order to safely guide them throughout their journey. The highly trained staff are committed to provide all services related to the consultation, surgery and post-operative care. You will always be able to contact them by phone for any information you might need. They will also help you with the administration formalities and logistics (appointment, arrival, transfers, translation, or any other requirement ).

A specialized clinic for each type of procedures

For aesthetic and non-surgical procedures (injections, LED lamp, pulsed light, medical rhinoplasty, etc.), we will welcome you at The FaceClinic in Geneva, at Imaderm, equipped with state-of-the-art technologies.
For surgery procedures, come see us at the Vert-Pré Clinic in Geneva.

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