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Treatment of the chin and the neck

Remove double chin without liposuction and remove fat under the neck with Belkyra® injections

enlever double menton graisse cou belkyra raspaldo genève

When you get older and more weighty, you can see your body being transformed, you get our belly, thighs, arms… fatter. But parts of our body, which we would not have spontaneously thought of, are also changing, like the neck and chin that also accumulate fat.

Having a double chin and a fat neck is not the most aesthetic. Also, we are naturally looking for solutions to refine his neck and chin. And even to really get rid of his double chin.

It is now possible to work against double chin and chin and neck fat without surgery, thanks to a brand new treatment: Deoxyolic acid injections (or Belkyra®).

This injectable product will allow to directly dissolve the fat (in 1 to 3 injection sessions) by preventing its reappearance, since the fat cells will have been destroyed. It is a treatment to lose weight of the neck without surgery and without liposuction.

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Reshaping the chin without surgery with Voluxe® injections

Conversely, we can find that his chin lack of shape and volume, and we would sometimes like to resculpt.

Until now, it was possible to inject hyaluronic acid into the chin to smooth its appearance. Today, a brand new treatment can add volume to the chin without surgery: Voluxe® injections.

It is an injectable hyaluronic acid thicker than hyaluronic acid and will harden once injected.

Injections of Voluxe® make it possible to avoid placing an implant in the chin while reshaping it naturally.

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