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Choosing a practitioner for botulinum toxin or Hyaluronic Acid injections, for a natural medical rhinoplasty, or for any other cosmetic or surgical procedure is not always easy. Dr. Hervé Raspaldo is committed to providing a quality expertise along with safe and well proven techniques.

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Our focus is on our patients and cultural diversity
After 15 years at the University Hospital of Nice, treating patients with face or neck diseases or trauma, Dr. Raspaldo now provides expertise to any patient, including difficult cases. He strives to restore a natural looking appearance even when it seems impossible.

Dr. Raspaldo was always passionate about cultural diversity and throughout his career, he completed medical trainings, performed researches and got certifications that allow him to treat patients from all ethnic groups.

For 15 years, he has treated patients with severe facial malformations at L’ Archet University Hospital in Nice, including cases of HIV-associated Lipoatrophy (covered by health insurance), using polylactic injections.

Our team:
Dr. Raspaldo speaks fluent French, English and Italian and has basic knowledge in Russian and Spanish.

For each treatment, you can benefit from a 3D morphing session, in order to precisely identify the area that needs to be treated and to give you a clear before/after preview.

You also get a personal follow-up with the help of the qualified team of IMADERM (spoken languages: french, english, german, italian, spanish) .

International work:
– Dr. Raspaldo regularly participates in congresses where he presents researches and trains practitioners on leading techniques.
– In the past 30 years, he has trained more than 30.000 doctors and plastic surgeons all over the world, teaching all types of injection techniques, as well as lifting, eyelid surgery, protruding ears and rhinoplasty techniques
– Dr. Raspaldo is a consultant to many personalities, like professional fashion photographer Jean-Daniel Lorieux, with whom he worked together in an effort to better understand the beauty and ideal face proportions (this work was presented at the Anti-aging Monaco World Congress (AMWC) in 2016

Watch a video of spotting details that can be improved in fashion models
Watch a video of 3D simulation in order to determine the injections required
Watch a video of results after the injecting procedures


Innovative techniques:
Dr. Raspaldo created several innovative concepts, such as:
HEART OF FACE® in 2006, the first rejuvenation concept emphasizing the beauty of the heart-shaped face, which has since been used in Asia and by several aesthetic companies,
FACESCULPTURE® in 2012, a 3D global and mild face reshaping concept for a naturally looking face,
REVELATION 3D® in 2013, morphing and treatment using 3D images and focusing on specific volume needs
EIFFEL TOWER NOSE-LIFT® in 2015,  a particularly effective reshaping method, for a natural looking nose
CHIC-LIFT® in 2016, a rejuvenation method for the eyes area, using only botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid injections, inspired by the universal beauty of models and actresses.



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