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Sagging and aging skin treatment

Sagging skin is one of the first signs of aging, because the skin progressively loses elasticity and tissue quality.

The connective tissue of the skin changes and becomes thinner, the elastic fibers decrease. The number of collagen fibers also diminishes, while the hydration becomes less efficient and the blood circulation slower.

The skin is not only affected by natural aging, but also tarnished by various external factors.

The sagging skin condition occurs generally along with volume loss in different face areas.

The entire skin looks aged and dull.

But there are very efficient cosmetic treatments against all these unpleasant changes. Our specific procedures aim to stimulate the cell renewal, boost the collagen production and make your face look younger.

Our treatments against sagging skin :

-> Exfoliation, or peeling: activates the cell renewal

-> Photodynamic therapy, or LED therapy: stimulates the collagen production and helps restore the quality of the skin. This is a great treatment for aging skin conditions but also for scars, acne or stretch marks. It can also be used successfully in slow healing cases.

-> Photorejuvenation, or IPL (intense pulse light):  boosts the collagen and elastic fibers synthesis, reducing skin imperfections (brown spots, blood vessels, fine lines, rosacea…)

-> Mesotherapy  / skin booster : will strengthen and densify the skin. The procedure involves injecting a combination of hyaluronic acid and several nutritive and invigorating products.

-> The “BB Program” (Beauty Booster): we have developed a specific medical program for a bright and rejuvenated face. This program combines 4 different treatments (exfoliation, photodynamic therapy, IPL, mesotherapy), for specific and complexe results.

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