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Improving the skin quality with the LED Phototherapy : dull skin, scars

Unwanted skin conditions can occur at any age.

Scars, be they the consequence of an injury or of a surgery, can often be annoyingly noticeable. The difference between the healing skin and the original skin can be more or less visible.

Stretch marks are another unpleasant issue, caused by a pregnancy, a sudden weight loss or different other factors.

But the majority of patients asking for a consultation in our clinic complain about the low quality of skin. Dull skin, loss of tone and elasticity, an overall tired skin.

All these issues can be efficiently treated with the LED Therapy (also referred to as LED Phototherapy, or LED light therapy) : a non-invasive, rejuvenating procedure designed to accelerate the healing, revitalize the skin and restore its radiance and tone.

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