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Injection areas

botulinum toxin injections and Hyaluronic acid injections


Restoring the natural beauty of your face with specific treatments on each zone, according to your needs

Under-eye circles / hollowed-out shadows
Refilling the under-eye area and embellishing your look
Dark circles and hollowed-out shadows are caused by sagging skin and the loss of the subcutaneous fat, the diminished under-eye bag (orbital fat hernia) and a very thin lower eyelid skin. Thanks to the filling injections, your eyes gain a more youthful look. Surgery can also be performed on the eye bag, under local anesthesia.

See a video of under-eye injection procedure
Read the Marie-France article “Les yeux dans les yeux“, covering the different procedures that can be used to embellish the eyes area.

Combining botulinum toxin injections and Hyaluronic acid injections can restructure the eyelids and the eyebrows, which is an effective alternative to eyelid surgery (the blepharoplasty).

Crow’s feet
Using botulinum toxin injections to diminish the crow’s feet wrinkles and make your eyes look brighter.
Crow’s feet wrinkles are caused mainly by contractions of the orbital muscle (for instance when we smile).
The botulinum toxin injections will help relax the muscles, thus naturally diminishing the wrinkles and making your eyes look much younger.

See a video of injections in the crow’s feet wrinkles

Hollow cheeks
Injections can help reshaping the face skin and naturally filling the hollow cheeks, and if necessary lifting the cheekbones.
See a video of Hyaluronic acid injections reshaping the cheekbones volume.

Hollow temples
Aging can cause a hollowing of the temples, but injections can help filling the temples area and remodeling the forehead, eyebrows and cheekbones area.
See a video of Hyaluronic acid injections in the temples.

Eyebrows that are too low can be gently lifted and naturally reshaped thanks to botulinum toxin injections in the orbital muscle. Hyaluronic acid can be used to slightly lift the tail of the eyebrow.

Nose (Eiffel tower Nose-Lift®):
Reshaping the nose, fixing a bump, remodeling the tip of the nose, correcting the profile or a certain asymmetry, all without surgery.
You can get more information on medical rhinoplasty.
See a video of medical rhinoplasty for reshaping the nose
Correcting the nose bump with medical rhinoplasty.

Nasolabial fold
Reducing deep nasolabial folds directly by filling the folds or indirectly, by diminishing the cheek’s skin sagging with Hyaluronic acid injections, thus giving the entire face a more dynamic look.
See a video of Hyaluronic acid injections in the nasolabial fold.

Revolumizing the lips, naturally reshaping the mouth’s contour, lifting the corners of the mouth or smoothing the upper lip (the “barcode” lines).

Too small chins can be given an improved aspect using hyaluronic acid and the skin texture (orange peel) can be redensified.

Face oval
Improving the face contour and giving the face oval a firmer and more balanced aspect.

Ear lobes
Restructuring the ear lobes and giving them a nicer aspect or even reshaping them by a simple hyaluronic acid injection.
See a video of hyaluronic acid injection in the ear lobes.

The results are immediate.

Are you familiar with Facesculpture® ?

It’s a rejuvenation and embellishment concept for the face and the neck, based on a combined method of hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin injections.

A detailed analysis of your face (3 dimensions) is carried out in order to identify possible areas to be treated: eyes, eyebrows, temples, cheekbones, nose, lips, chin.
The practitioner will work on your natural face contour, its shadows and lights, taking into consideration its anatomy and natural appearance, and finding out the best way to harmoniously enlighten it.

See my video on Facesculpture® – fixing the face asymmetry
See my video on Facesculpture® – face rejuvenation

Click here for more information on Facesculpture®.

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