In this 4th part of interview with EUROMEDICOM, Dr. Hervé Raspaldo tells us more about his concept “Heart of Face”, or “Heart Face”. The objective is to use injectables to make the face more triangular, in the shape of a heart. It is also witnessing a growing demand for jawline contouring, which consists in making the jaw more square thanks to the injections, but which is nevertheless less feminine, especially if you over-inject.

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This third part of the interview allows Dr Hervé Raspaldo to explain, on the basis of his experience, the differences in culture and habit in the face of aesthetic medicine that he has noticed between Asia and Europe. Asian women ask much more about the products used, are just as satisfied with the results obtained and trust the surgeon. Men are much more shy about cosmetic surgery. Dr. Raspaldo also discusses the various aesthetic medicine treatments commonly used for Asian faces.

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In this 2nd part of interview, carried out by EUROMEDICOM, world organizer of scientific events for cosmetic medicine and plastic surgery, Dr. Raspaldo explains the particularities of the perception of the beauty of a face in Asia, as well as the differences in facial treatments between the ‘Asia and Europe, to take account of physical specificities and culture.

The shape of the bones is different, but so is the image of beauty. In Asia, the upper face is rounder, the middle part is more concave, and the skin quality is better.

Many patients are asking for a more triangular face. Just like in Europe, jawline contouring is also in great demand.

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Doctor Hervé Raspaldo is interviewed in this video by EUROMEDICOM, world organizer of scientific events for cosmetic medicine and plastic surgery.

He tells us about his relocation and new practice in Geneva(Face Clinic Gevève), the injectable treatments he uses, such as botox, hyaluronic acid or fillers (polylactic acid, calcium hydroxyapatite).

He also explains some of the different concepts he has developed in the recent years:
– The Eiffel Tower Nose Lift, which consists of injecting, in addition to the dorsum, the nasolabial angle which thus creates a support for the tip of the nose
– The Chic Lift: which allows you to recreate a beautiful C shape around the eye thanks to injections in different areas

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In this 5th and last part of the interview, Dr. Raspaldo explains how to prevent complications that could arise following an injection session. It is obviously essential to know well the anatomy and the arteries of the face, to know where to inject. It is also important to inject by small touch, and to pay attention to the discoloration of the skin (if it whitens, you must stop the injection). The follow-up of a patient is also essential in the coming days to check for any possible vascular complication. Finally, Dr. Raspaldo will share his experiences with us on complications experienced and solved, or on the contrary, on faces saved thanks to injections.

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This video was filmed during one of my conferences on contouring. Indeed, it is a subject which has gained much momentum in recent times. We live in an age of social media and selfies, and self-esteem is sometimes put to the test. We increasingly want our profile to be as we imagine it, with well defined features and contours. This is what profiloplasty offers, also called “contouring”.

The contouring will allow to:

– redefine the chin with a nice projection

– better define the jaw so that it projects a nice shadow

– better define the cervical neck angle in order to have a nice transition with the neck Hyaluronic acid injections now allow these areas to work perfectly and thus have the profile of their dreams.

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After practicing the injections of the cheekbones, we continue with an injection of hyaluronic acid just above the tip of the eyebrow in order to reduce the muscle and thus obtain a beautiful projection and convexity. We then make a second entry point lower in the temple.

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We start the cheekbone injection session with an injection of lidocaine to anesthetize the injection area, then we use the same entry point to inject hyaluronic acid. We practice a pyramid movement to spread the product. We then inject the zygomatics to recreate a beautiful triangular area. This gives volume to the cheekbone, while recreating a beautiful convexity with the lower eyelid. The gaze thus appears elongated and the cheekbone appears enhanced thanks to the play of shadows and light that we have recreated.

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In this video, after identifying the aesthetic facial treatments to be carried out on our patient, we highlight the different arteries that run through the face. The objective is to have a perfect anatomical knowledge of the face in order to inject only in the “safe” areas. We also highlight the “safety triangle” which identifies a non-injection area which, if it were, would have the opposite effect from that sought, namely to raise the cheekbone. Once the arteries and the different areas have been identified, we can safely inject hyaluronic acid into the different entry points of the face: cheekbones, temples, eyebrows, nose, chin.

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In this video, we analyze the face of our patient in order to define the best treatment, which must be done taking into account her needs but also the recommendation of the surgeon.

After analysis, the defined aesthetic treatment focuses on:

– treatment of the tear though and the eye area
– the treatment of the cheekbones in order to restore their volume
– the treatment of the temples and the tail of the eyebrow, intended to raise it
– treatment of the nose to correct the bump and slightly raise the tip
– the treatment of the chin in order to refine the oval of the face and offer a more triangular and more feminine profile

We will use different hyaluronic acids depending on the area to be treated.

It is a global facial treatment, which incorporates the principles of Chic Lift and FaceSculpture.

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In this video, we practice injections of hyaluronic acid into the tail of the eyebrow of our patient in order to level it and raise it.
Injections in the eyebrows make it possible to raise the eyebrows and to rejuvenate the look. The eye seems more open, the look is brighter.
In order to restore volume to the temples, hyaluronic acid will also be injected into the temples.

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