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The purpose of this FAQ is to answer any questions you may have regarding:

  • plastic surgery operations: blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, otoplasty, facelift.
  • Non-surgical treatments: injections of botulinum toxin or hyaluronic acid, skin care, Earfold® implants, etc.
  • The course of a consultation, our teams, our centre.

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Are there any contraindications to performing injection sessions to treat wrinkles?

The injections, whether botulinum toxin, hyaluronic acid, polylactic acidor even calcium hydroxyapatite (Radiesse) are not heavy interventions.

They are performed directly at our Face Clinic Geneva practice, and last between 10 and 15 minutes.

We use renowned and secure ranges of products.

However, injections are not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, as well as people with neuro-muscular disorders, or autoimmune diseases. In all cases, Dr. Raspaldo will give you a detailed questionnaire of your aesthetic, non-aesthetic medical and surgical history.

How long does it take for hyaluronic acid injection results to appear?

injections d'acide hyaluronique

Hyaluronic acid injectionsgive an almost immediate result and can be practiced for several reasons:

  • They help restore volume to the face and treat wrinkles. We will thus be able to treat hollow temples, hollow cheeks, erase lip wrinkles, nasolabial folds, and bitterness folds (called “marionette lines”).
  • You can also reshape the chin. This is called medical genioplasty, or profiloplasty, or contouring.
  • We can finally reshape a nose and correct a bump or a drooping tip of the nose. This is known as natural medical rhinoplasty.

The results of a hyaluronic acid injection sessionin wrinkles or when sculpting volumes appear immediately after the session.

They last between 4 and 6 months for botulinum toxin, and between 6 and 18 months for hyaluronic acid.

It is recommended to carry out regular treatment: every 6-8 months for wrinkles, every 12-18 months for volumes or contouring.

Learn more about hyaluronic acid injections.

Before any injection session, we will get to know you during a cosmetic consultation 2.0. We will offer you a 3D simulation and morphing of your face, to analyze it in detail and assess the result.

How to remove facial wrinkles by injections?

With age, wrinkles on the face appear. Expression wrinkles or deep wrinkles, we often wonder if it is possible to remove facial wrinkles.

With injections of botulinum toxin or hyaluronic acid, it is possible to reduce or even eliminate facial wrinkles naturally. We will inject botulinum toxin to erase wrinkles around the eyes(crow’s feet) and to erase the frown lines and forehead.

We will use hyaluronic acid injections to treat dark circles under the eyes, to raise the eyebrows, to give volume to the cheekbones or temples, to fill the nasolabial fold and to erase the fine lines of the lips.

We can also correct all areas of the face with injections. We can treat the double chin with injections of deoxycholic acidor liposuction, or lengthening it with restructuring injections or with volumizinghyaluronic acid. Finally, it is even possible to correct your nose without surgery, thanks to hyaluronic acid.

Learn more about botulinum toxin injections.

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Before any treatment, we will perform a 3D simulation during a cosmetic surgery consultation. We will be able to analyze your face, define the best treatment and visualize the anticipated result.

Is it possible to remove a bump on the nose by natural rhinoplasty?

chirurgie nez rhinoplastie geneve

The nose can be a complex source. We may want to correct oversized nostrils, remove a nasal bump, straighten a falling tip, etc. There is an alternative to rhinoplasty to correct or reshape a nasal bump.

Thanks to the “Eiffel Tower Nose Lift®” concept, it is possible to inject hyaluronic acid into the nose to reshape it and correct its appearance. We’ll enhance the nose tipwith hyaluronic acid injections and mask the bump by concealment thanks to other hyaluronic acid injections. This is called a natural medical rhinoplasty.

We will be able to straighten a falling point by filling the naso-labial angle (between the upper lip and the nose), filling the hollow of the nasofrontal angle in order to give the illusion of correcting the hump of the nose. We can thus benefit from a beautiful projection of the tip of the nose.

The appearance of the nose is thus corrected and embellished, the results can last up to 18 months, and avoid a surgical operation (rhinoplasty, or nose surgery).

Learn more about natural medical rhinoplasty to correct the nasal bump.

Before any rhinoplasty to correct the hump of the nose, we will examine you during a cosmetic consultation 2.0. We will perform a 3D simulation of your natural medical rhinoplasty in order to analyze your nose and visualize the expected results.

Is it possible to completely redo your nose?

Redoing your nose is a question that many people ask. The nose can present small or big defects: a bump on the nose, a nose too pointed, too long, a falling tip, nostrils too wide, a nasal deviation, trauma, malformation, etc.

When you want to redo your nose, there is an appropriate cosmetic surgery: rhinoplasty. Surgical rhinoplasty is an operation of the nose designed to reshape bones and cartilage in order to redesign their shape.

We also offer ethnic rhinoplasty, which adapts to the anatomical and cultural specificities of African, Arab, Indian, Asian, etc. noses. It is in particular possible to correct a hollow on the nose or an overly flattened nose by cartilage grafts or prostheses, and to reduce the nostrils which are too wide by a technique of nostril plasty.

Before any operation to redo the nose, we will examine you throughout two aesthetic consultations. We will first study the project with you using 3D simulation and nose morphing.

Rhinoplasty requires hospitalization from 5 to 36 hours (or less if we only do the tip), as well as the wearing of a splint for 5 to 6 days.

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What do you recommend for correcting a falling eyelid?

chirurgie paupières blépharoplastie injections

A falling eyelid may be congenital or may appear with age. Whatever the reason, drooping eyelids age the look. Thanks to aesthetic medicine and cosmetic surgery, we can intervene in two ways against a drooping eyelid:

– correct an eyelid that falls out with botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid injections: eyelid injections will help rejuvenate the eyes naturally. This avoids a heavier intervention. To maintain the result, we recommend injecting the eyebrows every 6 months with botulinum toxin, and every 12 months with hyaluronic acid.

Learn more about hyaluronic acid injections.

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– correct a drooping eyelid using plastic surgery: eyelid surgery, called blepharoplasty, is intended to remove excess skin and to beautifully redraw the curve of the eyes, the fold above the eyelid. You can also operate the lower eyelid, without scar, to remove bags under the eyes, or even reduce some wrinkles around the eyes. It is thus possible to perform an upper and / or lower blepharoplasty. This intervention lasts about 1 hour and is final.

Learn more about blepharoplasty.

During your cosmetic consultation, we will also perform a 3D simulation and morphing before any plastic surgery.

I have bags under my eyes, what can I do?

Traitement des poches sous les yeux

The bags under the eyes have an excess of fat which weighs down the look. It is like a hernia. It can be congenital or it can be due to age, fatigue or poor lifestyle. Thanks to aesthetic medicine and cosmetic surgery, this is no longer an anathema today.

It is possible to remove the bags under the eyes naturally: injections of hyaluronic acid for example will help fill and mask the hollows under the eyes. We can also perform a peel or inject PRP (plasma rich in platelets) to brighten and enhance the eyes.

Learn more about treating bags under the eyes.

It is also possible to permanently remove the bags under the eyes thanks to plastic surgery: the lower blepharoplasty. This will remove excess fat and remove the pocket.

Learn more about lower eyelid surgery.

Before any intervention, we will examine you during a plasticsurgery consultation. The purpose of this will be to get to know and analyze your needs together. We will also carry out a 3D simulation and a morphing of plastic surgeryto allow you to foresee the result.

How to remove tear trough?

chirurgie cernes regard

Dark circles can be a sign of age, a sign of fatigue, a sign of an unhealthy lifestyle, or simply genetic. They can be coloured and more or less dark. You can also have dark circles. Anyway, it dulls the eye. The question then arises of how to make tear trough disappear. With aesthetetic medicine and plastic surgery, there are solutions today.

  • How to remove dark circles? It is very difficult to blend. Peeling can lighten the dark circle slightly. Injections of a new lightening product can give a good result: Xela Rederm®.
  • How to remove tear trough? Hyaluronic acid injections can be used to fill the hollows under the eyes and rejuvenate the eyes. Lipofilling is another solution consisting in re-injecting your own fat to fill in dark circles, associated or not with PRP sessions.

Learn more about tear trough injections with hyaluronic acid.

Learn more about peeling.

Learn more about lipofilling.

Before any treatment, an aesthetic consultation will be performed. We will perform an analysis of your face and a 3D simulation to assess the result.

Do we have to go through a surgical operation to re-stick the protruding ears?

recoller les oreilles décollées

Detached ears are often a source of complex. Otoplasty has long been the only solution for ear surgery. However today there is an alternative, which is the placement of Earfold implants. These implants are placed under the skin, through a small incision, mostly often under local anesthesia, and allow the ears to be stuck on without surgery. The results obtained are also good.

During the consultation with 3D photo, we will first use a small test clip (a PreFold) to visualize the placement. Then we will proceed with the placement of the Earfold® implant under the skin of the pinna to hem (fold) the cartilage of the ear called Anthelix. The incision remains very discreet and is mostly often performed under local anesthesia.

Learn more about Earfold implants to re-stick the protruding ears.

Before any intervention, we will examine you for a plastics urgery consultation. We will assess your needs together and carry out an aesthetic morphing.

How to tighten the face and neck skin?

retendre la peau visage et cou

With age, the skin loses its elasticity and all the tissues relax. Wrinkles then appear on the face, neck and décolleté, which are the most fragile areas of the body. Cosmetic surgery is a good solution for tightening the skin of the face and neck.

  • The cervico-facial lifting is an operation of plastic surgery allowing to reposition the deep fat and to tighten the skin of the face and to erase the wrinkles. It is effective on general sagging of the face.
  • If the face is not yet too saggy and there is not too much excess skin, we will advise you the less traumatic endoscopic facelift, or mini-lift. In addition to tightening the facial skin, it also effectively corrects the entire temporal zone and the look. It lasts between 1h and 2h and is carried out under general anesthesia.
  • Against a wrinkled neck, we offer, depending on the case, either a cervico-facial lift or a mini neck lift that is less invasive. The latter lasts approximately 1 hour 30 minutes and takes place on an outpatient basis.

Learn more about the facelift to tighten the facial skin, the mini lift or endoscopic facelift, and the neck lift.

Before any cosmetic intervention, we will examine you in consultation to define together your needs and the most suitable treatment plan. We will also perform a 3D simulation of your facelift to tighten the skin, in order to analyze your face and evaluate the result.

What solutions exist to erase a double chin?

enlever double menton a genève

The chin is an area where fat can accumulate. It is now possible to get rid of your double chin thanks to aesthetic medicine.

There is a brand new treatment, based on injecting deoxycholic acid, which dissolves fat in the chin. This product destroys fat cells and prevents the double chin from coming back. We can therefore remove a double chin without liposuction. However, this product is not yet approved or sold in Switzerland or in France.

Learn more about injections of deoxycholic acid to suppress the double chin.

You can also reshape your chin naturally with hyaluronic acid injections. We then speak of profiloplasty or contouring.

Learn more about profiloplasty.

Last but not least, there is a double surgical solution to recreate a chin or permanently modify its shape: genioplasty and implantation of a chin prosthesis. As well as liposuction of the neck and sub-chin to remove fat and sift under the chin.

We can discuss these different treatments during a cosmetic surgery consultation. We will also carry out a 3D simulation and a morphing of plastic surgery.


How to lose cheeks?

bichectomie du visage à Genève

Some of us complain about our round cheeks or a chubby face and would like to lose weight or at least refine it. A round face can give a juvenile or baby look. We then ask ourselves the question of how to lose cheeks. There is a specific technique: bichectomy.

Bichectomy involves removing part of Bichat’s fat pads, a fatty mass located in the thickness of the cheeks, below the cheekbones. This allows you to find hollow cheeks that refine the face while highlighting the cheekbones.

This cosmetic surgery in Geneva lasts about 45 minutes and allows you to lose your cheeks immediately.

Before any intervention, we will receive you in aesthetic consultation. You can anticipate the potential result thanks to our 3D simulation and face morphing tool.

Learn more about bichectomy for losing cheeks.

How to increase lip volume?

injection d'acide hyaluronique dans les lèvres

The mouth is a central element of the face. Too thin, too flat, slightly hemmed lips can be a source of complex. There are solutions to increase the volume of the lips and to redesign them.

  • Injections of the lips with hyaluronic acid will make it possible to increase the volume of the lips as well as to redraw their contour. You can also erase the small expression lines.
  • The lip lift, or lifting of the upper lip, will allow it to hem the mouth, to give it a nice curve and a nice shape. We will lift the upper lip and give an illusion of volume.

Learn more about lip injections.

Learn more about lip lift.

A plastic surgery consultation will first define the most suitable treatment. 3D simulation and plastic surgery morphingwill allow you to analyze your face in detail. It will also allow you to view the potential result before / after.

How is the appointment made? Is there a consultation before plastic treatment or plastic surgery?

We are ready to listen to all your requests, and can be reached by phone or email.

We will suggest that you arrange an appointment with our secretarial office or our account manage, Frederique on +41 79 856 66 36 and he will give you a personalized welcome to our plastic surgery clinic Face Clinic Geneva.

We will listen to you and study your requests and offer you an aesthetic consultation 2.0. in 3 dimensions, thanks to our 3D software. It will allow you to analyze your face in depth (reliefs, hollows, etc.) for a genuine 3D simulation. So we can define the best treatment to correct your face.

Our team speaks French, English, German, Italian and Russian.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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