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Earfold clips for protruding ears


Years of complex due to protruding ears finally resolved in a few minutes. A new method, fast, efficient and almost non-invasive.

Are you complexed with your protruding ears?
Scared of an operation under general anesthesia?
Reluctant about wearing a support bandage?

EarFold, an alternative to heavy classical otoplasties

Protruding ears can cause a physical complex directly influencing one’s self confidence, their relationship to others and thus, their fulfillment.

Testimonial from a patient:
“I had become particularly introverted because of my protruding ears. I had been a victim of mockeries ever since my childhood…”

Why not have gone under an otoplasty operation (protruding ears operation)?
There were multiple obstacles to the classical otoplasty.
Like a lot of patients, she feared that the operation:
– would necessitate a prior consultation with an anesthesiologist, an inpatient hospitalization and a 3 to 7 day work stoppage;
– to endure 15 days of uncomfortable and unsightly wear of support bandage, days and nights;
– would potentially generates increased sensitivity around the ears
– and above all, that the operation result wouldn’t match her expectation since she couldn’t preview the result before the operation.

Earfold is an suitable solution.

Today, I  can provide my clients with an alternative solution to the constraints of a conventional otoplasty. These are Earfold clips, created by my fellow: the ENT surgeon Norbert Kang, NHS specialist consultant. We visited him in 2015 at his hospital in London, where I had the chance to witness many ear-related consultations and operations (each being under strict local anesthesia)
These implants have been existing since 2013 in the U.K. and have been authorized in France since 2016.

The placement of Earfold clips correct protruding or asymmetrical ears by remodeling the ear cartilage into the shape wanted.

These clips are like small clips of 15 mm long and 1 mm thick.

They are made out of a nickel and titanium alloy, known as Nitinol, that does not cause any rejection or allergy. The Nitinol possesses two specific properties: shape memory and a great suppleness that enable the ear to get back to its natural shape, even after touching or bending the ear. Finally, the Earfold clips are plated with 24 karat gold to make them smooth and virtually invisible under the skin.

The Earfold clips are placed under the skin with a very discreet incision (performed under local anesthesia) in the area of the pinna. You need to know that 60% of the people need 2 implants for each ear: one placed in the upper part of the ear and the other one in the lower part.

Earfold offers the following advantages:


Before the operation, I can directly show what my patient’s correction will look like thanks to pre-clips called PreFold. This preview can avoid any dissension or disappointment between the improvement wanted by the patient and the final results.

It is performed in my clinic and does not need any hospitalization or general anesthesia.

10 to 20 minutes are enough to complete the operation and the patient can leave the practice with their ears restructured, this being permanent. If, in any case, a patient wouldn’t be satisfied with the result, only another local anesthesia would be needed, to readjust the implant.

Indeed, we can enjoy the Earfold clips at this age when the ears have almost reached their adult size.
I find it very reassuring, especially for children, to be able to perform only a pure local anesthesia.

Patients can go back to school, to work or to their daily life on the next day. No need of a support bandage. There are only bruises that go away after a few days. The stitches being resorbing, they also go away naturally. Otherwise, they are taken off on the 6th day. The only constraints are to try not to sleep on the ears for a few weeks, not to practice sports and not to wear earrings.


How do I proceed with my patients?
1. The patient makes an appointment at my clinic.
2. During the consultation, we set the result wanted, together and thanks to the PreFold pre-clips. Then, I take a 3D photo and build a simulation; afterwards, I take a 2D photo of the marking of the implants’ mark that I save on my smartphone and in the medical file of the patient, in order to use it during the surgical act.
3. After a local anesthesia, I make a small incision (from 5 to 10 mm) to place the Earfold clip deeply under the skin, in contact with the cartilage to be bent. The operation finishes with stitches.
4. Simple Band-Aid (without support bandage, most of the time).

Sterile Earfold clip

Drawing of the EarFold clip’s placement

Immediately after the placement of an EarFold

This operation is simple and the results are satisfying. A lot of enthusiasm can be expected for this intelligent and safe procedure, approved by the French and European health authorities.

With Earfold, protruding ears will only be an old memory for millions of complexed people.

See what an earfold clip looks like : see video of Earfold clip

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